Dispenser Labels

The use of these labels will meet all requirements and recommendations by the Federal Trade Commission and the Environmental Protections Agency.

e20 e30
e40 e85



lb.new label-dedicated e10.final.07.01.13

lb.new label-passenger vehicles only.final.07.01.13

lb.new label-for ffv only.final.07.01.13



Nozzles for the nozzle talker inserts can be purchased at UnitedSign.



For more information on the E15 label click here.


lb.minimum transaction label.final.06.15.12-border

For more information on the use of this label refer to the E15 Retail Advisory found
in the E15 Retailer Handbook.


To order these FREE labels contact Missy Ruff
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or 202-289-3835.


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